Ten Things You May Not Know About Me...

Hey there! My name is Layla. I am a self-taught .NET web developer and I work as a developer evangelist for Twilio. I am super passionate about Microsoft technologies and organise the Milton Keynes .NET meetup group as well as a learn to code group.

Rather than a lengthy bio, here are 10 things you may not know about me…

I love video games

My first gaming device, I think, was an Atari Lynx. I then had various gameboys (I still have a working one), a SNES, a Ninetendo 64, then I moved on to pc gaming.

I currently have a PS4, XBOX One and a water-cooled gaming pc with an NVIDIA 1080ti.

I love fast cars and I cannot lie…

I am a petrol head. Cars I have owned (or part-owned) include a Porsche Cayman, Nissan GTR R35 and my current beast of choice, a Mercedes A45 AMG .

image of me with my GTR

I have lived in the USA, Spain, Ireland and UK

I lived in Dallas, Texas but I was too young to rembember much. I do, however, remember walking with my mum with a fuzzy “My Little Pony” toy, watching tornadoes touch down in the distance.

My family then flitted between Spain, England and Ireland for many years eventually settling in Southern Spain when I was thirteen, where I lived until I went to London for University.

I used to be a professional horse rider

I started riding at the age of two, started competing when I was eight and then started to ride full time in 2007 and coach other riders.

I gave up riding altogether in 2014.

image of  me and kirby, my horse

I used to own a Pilates studio

Whilst I was a dressage coach I decided to become a personal trainer and pilates teacher specialising in rider fitness. This led me to progress into teaching Pilates full-time and opening my own Pilates studio.

This was a fantastic experience but I, sadly, closed the studio in 2016 as I couldn’t make ends meet.

image of me and my dog, Lily

I have a dog called Lily

Lily is NOT a chihuahua! She’s a nine year old Miniature pincher - think shrinking ray on a doberman.

I love clamboring up hills

Give me a blustery hill over a beach anyday! I’m not hardy enough to climb a mountain (well not at the moment) but big hills rock!

image of  me up a mountain

I’m a good cook

I like food….. a little too much. I can pretty much re-create almost any meal I can get in a restaurant…..

I keep attempting to write a novel

Since I was fifteen I have been trying to write a novel. I have been on two creative writing courses and started countless novels. I’m my harshest critic and will get 20,000 words into the latest attempt before I decide that it’s all rubbish and file it away, never to be seen again!

I have necro-arachnophobia

Yes, that is the fear of dead spiders. Completely illogical, I know. I am happy to pick up the living, breathing, scuttling kind but once they’re belly-up I’m outta there!

Just looking at this picture of Aragog makes me feel a bit panicky!!!!

image of dead aragog